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This month we have something special to offer you, not one, but two recipes!  Firstly, we are proud to present a recipe from a good friend of ours Joe Chetcuti. 

Joe is from Malta and has lived in Newport for many years.  He sent us this recipe to show us where our lovely thin sliced Orkney rump steak ends up.

We hope you enjoy it to.

Our second recipe comes from Pascal Meril of Frenchys Kitchen.  Regulars to this page will know that Pascal has been tempting our taste buds with his creations on a regular basis.  We know that you'll love this months recipe and for those new to this page you can follow the links at the bottom of the pages to other delights.


Steak/Scalloped Potatoes     

Mediterranean dish. (Patata il Forn.)


Thinly slice one medium onion and lay on bottom of ovenproof dish.

 Lightly season with salt and pepper.

Place a layer of steak on top of the onions and lightly season with salt and pepper (thinly sliced Orkney rump steak– approx 1lb per 3-4 people).

Place a layer of scalloped potatoes over the steak followed with a layer of sliced onions.  Repeat these layers several times ending up with the last layer being potatoes.

Season again with salt and pepper and put a spoonful of vegetable oil and ½ a cup of water over.

Cover dish with foil and cook in oven 200ºc for ¾ hour, then reduce heat to 160ºc for one more hour.

 Take out and check the potatoes for tenderness, if okay, take the steak from the bottom of the dish and place on top of the potatoes and put in oven to brown for a further 10 minutes.

Ready to serve.

An easy  wholesome  meal  minimum of washing up after.

                                                                                                  Enjoy   Joe,,,,,,

And now another recipe from Pascal Meril

Hungarian Goulash

Prep and cook time: 2 hours +

Serves: 6

2 x 15ml spoons oil
900g braising steak
375g onions, sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
15g plain flour
1 to 1½ x 15ml spoons paprika
400g tin chopped tomatoes with herbs
150ml beef stock
1 red and 1 yellow pepper, de-seeded and sliced
salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 x 15ml spoons crème fraîche
freshly chopped parsley and paprika, to garnish

Heat the oil in a saucepan or flameproof casserole dish.

Add the meat and cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until browned.

Add the onions, garlic, flour and paprika and cook for a further 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add the tomatoes and stock, bring to the boil then cover and simmer gently for 1½ hour.

Add the peppers and seasoning then continue to cook for a further 30 minutes.

Just before serving, partly stir in the crème fraîche and sprinkle with paprika and parsley.

Nutrition Info (per serving)
404 calories
25 g fat

Let us know your favourite way of enjoying our range of meats and fish.  We will publish the best along with who suggested it.

So go on email us at peter@rkpalfrey.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you. Don't forget to bookmark this page so that you can keep coming back.


Summer is here!

BBQ time!

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