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R K Palfrey
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Reared locally in the woods around Usk Castle Estate, Rosie Humphrey supplies us with wonderfully  tasty Boar, that have had as natural up bringing as possible.  Free to roam within their natural forest surroundings, they remain with their mothers in social groups, rooting and foraging for food. We hang the Wild Boar for a week and prepare them into tasty joints and prized Cranberry Sausages.

                                            per kg      per lb

Griskin                                       13.50      6.13

Leg/leg Steaks                                14.50      6.59

Leg Joint                                     14.50      6.59

Wild Boar Middle Bacon                         12.50      5.68

Wild Boar Sausage with Cranberries                6.50      2.95


Summer is here!

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